donderdag 10 mei 2012

Relaxing in Cameroun

From Yaounde, we went on towards Kribi at the coast of Cameroun, a touristic city popular with the expats. We managed to find some cheap places, right on the beach, although the heavy cars got stuck a few times in the soft sand. It was good practice for the winch on Regis' car and the sandplates got used for the first time too.
Streetfood, eat for less than 1 euro

Camouflaged my bike
 Internet was a bit of a problem through Cameroun, and here in Kribe again it was very slow and you need to watch out to get a cyber cafĂ© with a generator, or the mail you were typing for half an hour, is gone when the power cuts out (happened several times to one of us).
My problem was that I wanted to get some movie clips online, but after trying 7 times over several days, I only ever got as far as 3% upload, so I gave up and hoped for faster internet in Gabon.

Ebolowa was our last town in Cameroun and was reached along a reasonable piste from Kribi. Most of the pistes here are safe to drive, unless it just rained , and the red soil becomes a sticky and slippery mud road. But so far I got lucky and only on the ring road near Bamenda it got tricky with the bike. The road was so slippery, that on the hills the cars would come sliding down with all 4 wheels locked, unable to steer. (see video cameroun part 2).

I found Ebolowa to be a charming town with good food and for 2 days I enjoyed the luxury of hotel Sara, where for once, everything just worked as it should, plus it was realy clean and modern and good value at 10 euro.
The road to the border of Gabon

So after 3 weeks in Cameroun, we were sad to leave, as it is such a nice country. Most of the asfalt roads are good, there were bars and street food in the smalest villages and  the landscapes were amazing, but we needed to move on, always on the run for deadlines on our visa's.

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