vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Going back up

After more than a month in South Africa, and 3 weeks in Stellenbosch with Anita and her brother Roland, the decission was made to continue on my trip. It was a bit of a strange string of events. At first, I was traveling alone and on my way to Mozambique, when around Lesotho, I realised I lost my pleasure in riding and even was getting a bit depressed. When Anita told me she was coming to Stellenbosch in 2 weeks time, I turned the bike around, to meet up with her again and after that to just put the bike on a plane home, I was finished.
 Or so I thought, Geert, a friend back home suggested to help me put my bike on a plane in Nairobi, Kenya, as from there, there's a good connection to Belgium. Slowly this idea worked itself into my mind, it had some great advantages, I would be able to kinda finnish my trip in a nice way, not aborting it while feeling bad and I would also avoid the troubles of how to get back home via Egypt (or Libya). The road would be easy going and enable me to enjoy another 6 beautiful countries, so that's how the traveling bug infected me again.
Road to Botswana
It was with mixed feelings I said goodbye to Anita, I wish I had found a way to stay with her, but things were complicated. South Africa is a country with high unemployment, low wages and politics that make it pretty difficult for a European to come in and work, but back home I will certainly give it another go. First  I'm going to concentrate on getting back home, via Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania I will take a mostly straight route to Nairobi, and if all goes well, I will be back in europe by christmas. Bring on Africa!
With Anita in Stellenbosch