vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Going back up

After more than a month in South Africa, and 3 weeks in Stellenbosch with Anita and her brother Roland, the decission was made to continue on my trip. It was a bit of a strange string of events. At first, I was traveling alone and on my way to Mozambique, when around Lesotho, I realised I lost my pleasure in riding and even was getting a bit depressed. When Anita told me she was coming to Stellenbosch in 2 weeks time, I turned the bike around, to meet up with her again and after that to just put the bike on a plane home, I was finished.
 Or so I thought, Geert, a friend back home suggested to help me put my bike on a plane in Nairobi, Kenya, as from there, there's a good connection to Belgium. Slowly this idea worked itself into my mind, it had some great advantages, I would be able to kinda finnish my trip in a nice way, not aborting it while feeling bad and I would also avoid the troubles of how to get back home via Egypt (or Libya). The road would be easy going and enable me to enjoy another 6 beautiful countries, so that's how the traveling bug infected me again.
Road to Botswana
It was with mixed feelings I said goodbye to Anita, I wish I had found a way to stay with her, but things were complicated. South Africa is a country with high unemployment, low wages and politics that make it pretty difficult for a European to come in and work, but back home I will certainly give it another go. First  I'm going to concentrate on getting back home, via Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania I will take a mostly straight route to Nairobi, and if all goes well, I will be back in europe by christmas. Bring on Africa!
With Anita in Stellenbosch

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Beste Tony,

    Wij wensen je vanuit Mexico een heerlijke tijd toe. Take it easy and Kiss the Ride again!!

    PS.: afspraak op de Antwerpse-travellers nieuwjaars-meeting ;-)
    Hasta luego xxx

    Johan & Ils

  2. Hey Tony,

    2000 km in één week, je wil blijkbaar gauw terug zijn in België. Doe toch maar rustig aan !


  3. Het zal goed zijn om je weer te zien, langs de andere kant zal een gemis aan avontuurlijke foto's en filmpjes een groot gemis zijn. Tot dan blijven we je natuurlijk volgen.

  4. Hela Tony

    Kop op en geniet nog van het gevoel vrijheid van het rijden, de landschappen, de mensen, de couleur local... Laat de travelling bug nog maar wat krioelen! Wij volgen je vorderingen en staan klaar om je ter verwelkomen ter zijner tijd!
    Nicolaas en Isabel

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