dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

Winter in Namibia


View of Swakop from the dunes
Sandviper in the same dunes

I'm spending the wintermonth of August here in Swakopmund. Most days are sunny however, but Swakop has it's own microclimate and can be cold and misty or even rainy as it is today. Last week we went to Etosha N.P. and visited a farm owned by Anita's family.

Swakop beachside

The list of things to do around here is still long though so I won't get bored before I will restart my journey round Africa in September, first going doing down to South Africa, by then it's the beginning of spring, but probably still very cold and then upwards via Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania and further on to Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.
The bike has been serviced, some parts arrived via the post from Europe and in South Africa I just have to pick up a new front tire and it will be ready for the long way home. Hopefully it will do as well on the way up, with no faults, breaks or even flat tires and then I will need just one oil change and one back tire around Kenya to get me safely in Europe.

Himba tribe
On the way to etosha we crossed the filmset of Mad Max 4

Etosha N.P.

The waterhole at Halali camp

                   And a big hello to the guys from antwerp capetown for dropping by:

As you can see I enjoy making video, so here is another one:
Thanks to Yamaha Duneworks in Swakop for the service

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  1. geniet van je vakantie daar, Tony!

    Johan & Ils

  2. ge hebt daar den tijd van uw leven zo te zien! :-)

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