woensdag 12 september 2012

South Africa - don't fence me in

Flowers of Namaqualand

Cape Town

Mosselbay on the garden route

For my Belgian readers: can you read the message?

Desperatly looking for adventure

Serkan and Mulat drove the East coast from Turkey

Jeffreysbay, surfers paradise

On the road to Lesotho

Fences, fences everywhere
I don't want to sound negative about South Africa, but this is how I experienced driving through this wonderful country. The views are amazing but it seems that nowhere you can go into the wild, the sideroads to the left or right are always blocked by gates and fences and it looks like the whole of SA is private property. After spending so many months in West and Central Africa, this is realy hard to get used to, although you can have a wonderfull holiday here, an adventure it is not. And I don't consider myself a tourist anyway, I'm a traveler, and that's a distinct difference.
So I needed to find some rougher place, where I could buy some streetfood or go wildcamping and luckily I quickly found it in the form of the mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

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