woensdag 14 december 2011

First day in Africa

I was in Morocco for about 7 hours and now I was sitting in a car with Mohamed and we were driving to Casablanca. How did I get here and why are we going to Casablanca?

I met Mohammed on the ferry, he and his friend Bouba sat on the same dining table in the restaurant. When we drove of the ferry he invited me to his home and gave me his number as he lived close to Rabat, where I was going. I started driving with Hamid, another Moroccon I met on the ferry, and who was also driving a motorbike. Halfway Hamid turned to Fes, where his parents live and I was rushing to Rabat. Daylight was fading quickly and the traffic was horrendous. I didn't find the campsite and the hotels in the centre were too expensive, so I phone my new friend Mohamed.
He miraculously found me in half an hour, and we went to his brother to put the bike in his garage. Then he told me to get in the car as he needed to pick up Bouba. What followed was a crazy nightdrive through dangerous roadworks passing trucks with no lights to Casablanca some 120 km away, while Mohamed was on the phone with one of his many girlfriends or associates to conduct some shady business offloading his broken down 4x4 in downtown Casablanca. After pizza we drove back to Rabat with Bouba playing some music on his phone, singing along and making it into a music quiz. Good fun! We arrived at his house around 1u30 and had a good sleep.
Today I went to the Mauritanian embassy to apply for a visa where I met a young Dutch couple on their way to Gambia and Kenya. So now I'm in Rabat, waiting for the visa and hoping to meet up with some travelers I had contact with in the last weeks.
The adventure has begun, that's for sure.

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  1. And I'm reading about it from behind a computer screen in the hospital waiting for the lab results of some guy faking stomach aches... Funny how life turns out :)