zaterdag 10 december 2011

status update

........receiving message....

location: motorway to Dijon, France
time: 14u00
temperature: 4 celcius
weather: clear sky, rain possible
E.T.A. : 16u30 Dijon Sud
status motorbike: no faults
status rider: cold feet but warm hands (heated grips)
morale:  high

location: motorway to Dijon, France
time 16u00
temperature: 5 celcius
weather: very damp, light drizzle
E.T.A.:  17u00 Dijon Sud
status motorbike: warning light battery not charging? Temp gauge indicating -42 celcius?
status rider: cold feet and cold hands (heated grips turned off to spare battery), new rain trousers leaking, boots not waterproof.
morale: still high

....end of communication

1 opmerking:

  1. keep the morale high!! think about the sun you 'll get once you're in Africa.