maandag 16 januari 2012

Mali in pictures and video

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Weeral knappe foto's Tony ! Leuk om zien bij min 3°. Mama

  2. Wij genieten hier elke keer weer van de mooie foto's en de prachtige filmfragmenten. Doe zo verder!
    Jan en Nadine

  3. Hey Tony

    Love your video's! You really manage to capture the atmosfere! Aaah I miss it: the chaos, the ridiculous trafic, the colours, African style recycling of cars, ferry boats and other junk, the smiles...
    The Dogon village looked strangly familiar too :)... Wasn't the guy (I forgot his name) even wearing the same Adidas trousers?
    I see you're really going quite basic too huh?
    How long are you still in Mali? What's the local info on Nigeria? Most problems seems to be in Kano, which isn't on your route right?
    Keep enjoying yourself mate! and keep the posts coming! they're my favorite excuse for a break...