donderdag 26 januari 2012

Update from Bamako

After returning from Bandiagara, camping on the piste near Segou, I discovered the open wound on my foot was infected, and worse, this had triggered an allergic reaction in the skin of my hands and feet, called dyshidrosis. It was like every finger had 20 mosquito bites, and it was very itchy and painfull. The next day I could hardly close my hand and found the rash spread to my arms and feet, so I was of to the hospital. After being treated with anti-biotics, anti histamine and some other stuff things are looking better now, but it will take the rest of the week to fully recover.
In the mean time, I met up with some other Belgians here in Bamako, Max & Marjane, who are driving a KTM motorbike and are on the same route southwards as me. I was in contact with Max for months now and was quite surprised to find hilm here in Bamako, as he left Belgium six months ago. This newly wed couple sure take their time and I will be happy to travel together with them when we meet again in Burkina or Nigeria.
Max & Marjane
My other travel partners, Tony and Charlie, will go their own way in the next few days, driving towards Accra, Ghana with Heidi and Jens on their diesel Enfields, to catch a freightship to Namibia, effectively skipping the most dangerous and hard going part of Africa.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Blij om te horen dat je jezelf goed hebt laten verzorgen, en de juiste keuze hebt gemaakt om even een rustige periode in te bouwen en te recupereren. Ga je zelf binnenkort ook een stuk varen of rij je over land? Voor jou nu even onnuttige informatie maar het begint hier te sneeuwen en te vriezen. tot binnenkort op het net.

  2. Beste Tony,

    eindelijk een stevige internetverbinding zodat ik je site kon bezoeken en antwoorden!
    bedankt voor alle reacties die je tot hiertoe al zond.
    Wat jammer dat je problemen hebt met je gezondheid. We hopen dat alles beter gaat vanaf nu.
    Wij zitten momenteel bij "Dakarmotors" in Buenos Aires. We gaan de verzekering in orde maken, de stad bezoeken en dan naar het zuiden rijden.
    take care!!
    Johan & ils