zaterdag 24 november 2012

Malawi to Tanzania

Fun on the beach at Nkotakota
Makuzi beach
Driving with Kai and Meike, we ran into some other motorbike travellers, even 3 Belgians, but as they were all going south, we weren't to spend much time with them, still, it's always nice to meet other overlanders, exchanging stories and tips about the road and places to stay.

Makuzi beach lodge 50 km south of Nkata Bay, Malawi is one of those vacation brochure type of of places and a real recommendation, cheap, excellent food and just one of the nicest places of the whole trip.
The heat is exhausting

Taking shelter during a pourdown
Camping is always accompanied by critters of all sorts

The first days in Tanzania we were accompanied by some rains in the afternoon but we made good progress on the main road from Mbeya towards Dar Es Salaam.
The road crosses the Mikumi NP and we were delighted to find all sorts of wildlife just next to the road like giraffe and elephant. When I drove into the bush to take a closer look at the elephants, one came charging towards me, making it clear that was not a good idea, so I quickly made a run for it.

Tanzanian driving style: probably the worst so far

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