zaterdag 8 december 2012

Kenya - The trip ends here!

The last week I continued along the coast with Kai and Meike into Kenya but in Diani we split up because Kai wanted to do some kitesurfing and I had my mind set on doing some safari's before I leave for the winter cold of europe.
Bagamoyo, Tanzania
Not your typical gas station attendant
Just when I reached the 40000 km mark, it was time for my first flat tyre of the trip. The heavy duty tube I was using did a good job, but because it was one size too big for the tyre, it was folded inside and this caused it to split. It was a shame it was unrepaireble because in the next days I would have 2 more flat tyres. One on the replacement and one on a chinese one. This proves to me this 4mm thick tube realy was the way to go.
Luckily, in Africa, help is never far away.
I booked a 2 day safari for 310 dollar in Moshi. First day we would go to Lake Manyara N.P. and the second we would drive down the famous Ngorongoro crater, a place I wanted to visit since long before this trip.
Lake Manyara
Although I was focussed on Ngorongoro, Manyara was just as beautifull, teeming with wildlife and stunning vista's. As this is the start of the raining season, half of the days it was pretty cloudy, but the sun would always be present too.
Red and Yellow Barbet
The safari was well organised, and my French and Spanish companions and I enjoyed the scenary from the open roof safari vehicle and the lunch box stops surrounded by wild animals.

Ngorongoro crater

Inside the crater
Mount Meru
Typical Maasai footwear from old motorcycle tyres
Maasai fixing my tyre
The bike was airlifted the day I brought it in.
As I was driving into the gridlocked traffic of Nairobi, my new chinese innertyre was losing air, so I had to stop every 5 km to put more air in. By then, my chinese replacement gps touchscreen also wasn't working any more, so finding Jungle Junction was a challenge, but the helpfull africans once again came to the rescue, and after helping me fixing the flat tyre, the gasstation boss, printed  a googlemaps plan to JJ's. I was relieved to drive up to the gate, knowing the ordeal was over. I made it, 1 year and 40000 km through Africa pushed me physically and mentally to the limit. And as I stood there,dirty and tired, I noticed my Yamaha leaked some oil from the front forks onto the front wheel. It was as if we both had to wipe away a tear, both happy and sad it was over.

I just have to thank Geert Van de Gucht here from Brussels Airlines for his amazing help. At the beginning of this year, he drove his bike to Nairobi and as a biker, he knows how hard it can be on the road, and how much you rely on the help of your friends. If it wasn't for him, my trip would have ended in Capetown.

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  1. Amaai Tony, wat een trip. Daar ga je nog heel je leven aan terugdenken. Grtz.

  2. Well done mate!!

    Warm het alvast wat op in Belgiƫ voor ons! Wij arriveren er samen met de kerstman.

    veel groeten vanuit Canada
    Ils & Johan

  3. difficult to read the last paragraph :(, we hope you are adjusting well. wishing you the best, ana + john

  4. Well donne Toni. Wish you a good start at homme.


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  6. WOW! What a lovely post and images as well. OOps I think your bike needs some rest.lolzzz

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